Spider Grip Wrist Wraps

Spider Grip Wrist Wraps
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Completely redesigned by a team of engineers, there is no other wrist support that compares to our unique product. Wrist support is essential when lifting, but good wrist wraps should be custom fitted to the athlete.

Our wraps are made from a blended rip-stop material that securely supports athletes through any type of weight training.  


After looking into how personal trainers taped joints to protect athletes, we found that a thinner design allows initial overlap and support. Therefore, we designed our wrap to gradually increase in width as you wrap. This allows a more secure fit to the wrist joint that is less likely to slide down the forearm. 


Three sizing choices allow a more personalized fit for all athletes. Through testing, we found an optimal number of revolutions around the wrist to obtain the support necessary without added bulk. Thus, the design gradually increases in length and width to accommodate the same support for various wrist sizes. 

  **With no measurements, males should default to selecting Medium and females should select Small. 

    Small = Less Than 6" Wrist Circumference 
    Medium = 6"-7.5" Wrist Circumference 
    Large = Greater Than 7.5" Wrist Circumference