White Widow Liquid Chalk

White Widow Liquid Chalk
$ 24.99

Project White Widow began in 2019 in the lab at Spider Chalk. We created a grip aid with revolutionary new ingredients never before used in commercial products. But White Widow was never released because our team thought it was too extreme for the average athlete. This unique formula contains only a small amount of our lab-grade chalk and is mostly composed of tacky substances that repel moisture and maintain grip.

Spider Chalk revived Project White Widow in September 2020 and produced 500 test bottles for review. 

If you use White Widow Liquid Grip, you must agree to send feedback regarding your usage. Please do not share your bottle until we receive completed feedback and it's released to the market.

💥WARNING💥 This product contains several ingredients that may cause skin tingling. Use no more than once a day and wash hands within 1 hour of application. Test a small amount on your hands upon first trial. 

All White Widow ingredients are safe but very concentrated.

◾Lab-Made Magnesium Carbonate
◾Dry Rosinoid
◾Liquid Synthetic Benzoin
◾70,000 cps Thickener