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Spider Chalk Gym Package

Spider Chalk Gym Package

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This is the package you've been waiting for! Stock your garage gym, CrossFit box or weight room with the only ultra-pure magnesium carbonate made in the USA and get a free Spider Chalk Bucket, free Spider Chalk Banner, free Bucket Topper, and free USA shipping!

Package Includes

-7 lbs of Spider Chalk's innovative Mega Blocks (14 x 8oz chalk blocks)
$100 value
-Free 3.5 gallon black chalk bucket
$15 value
-Free Spider Chalk 2'x2' banner 
$20 value
-Free Bucket Topper
$20 value
-Free Shipping
$20 value


1. Lasts Longer - Pure chalk lasts longer on your hand and has better grip with superior drying ability.
2. More Dense - Our manufacturing process makes the blocks less brittle so they don't break into pieces and make a mess.
3. More Chalk - Spider Chalk Super Mega Blocks are 225 grams per block, 5x the density of standard blocks.
4. Pure Chalk - Other blocks use binders which turns slimy when you sweat. We use only magnesium carbonate.
5. Made in the USA - All conventional 2 oz blocks are made in the same factory and private labeled. We are the only chalk company who manufactures blocks in the USA and we're proud to make Mega Blocks at our facility in Atlanta, GA.



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