About Us

Not all chalk is the same. Pure chalk means better grip, more reps and increased performance.

  • Spider Chalk uses pure magnesium carbonate which is very rare but has superior drying ability and sticks better to your hand.

  • We are the only manufacturer of block chalk in the USA. Spider Chalk Mega Blocks are more dense (150 grams) and made without a binder or drying agent as we use an advanced manufacturing process and a higher-grade of chalk. All other blocks are the same exact size and weight (56 grams) because they are identical. They're private labeled at the factory and the same low-quality regardless of the wrapper, don't be fooled by what's written on the package.

  • Our liquid chalk formula uses 8 ingredients including 2 bonding agents designed by top chemists in the cosmetic industry. We created the Spider Chalk formula after being dissatisfied with other liquid chalk brands.

  • Spider Chalk is the official chalk of the Granite Games, Alpha Showdown, Tribal Games, Fittest Farmhand Challenge, Faction Games and  Desert Games. These companies reached out looking for a better solution to standard chalk and now use Spider Chalk blocks and liquid exclusively.

  • We've sponsored more than 200 athletic events in 2016 & 2017 including multiple regional and national powerlifting events, fitness competitions and charity events. If you have an event and would like to purchase better chalk for your athletes, please email info@spiderchalk.com.