Chalk Innovation

What Makes Good Chalk?

March 31, 2021 Spider Chalk

Chalk Junkies are people who spend several hours a week with chalk. Whether it's rock climbing, gymnastics or weight lifting, those of us who rely on chalk for grip have a special relationship with the white powder. Spider Chalk's deeply intimate relationship with magnesium carbonate has given us a unique ability to feel the difference between good chalk and bad chalk. What to look for in your chalk: Price. $25.00 for 10oz of chalk? I hope it cures the flu. 5lbs of chalk in a bucket for $100? I hope that bucket also does your laundry. Let's be reasonable here, great chalk...

Secrets of Chalk Science

March 30, 2021 Spider Chalk

As the only USA manufacturer of gym and weightlifting chalk, Spider Chalk products last 2x longer than conventional chalk. Our chalk is rare double-refined, lab-grade magnesium carbonate. In addition to making the best chalk on the planet, we also thought about how it's used and what it should feel like.

Better Chalk - Is Chalk Important? Does Brand Matter?

March 29, 2021 Spider Chalk

When Spider Chalk started making liquid chalk in 2015, our purpose was to create a better product. Liquid chalk brands focus on price instead of quality because they figure most athletes either don't care or can't tell a difference.

Don't Be A Chalkmonster!

March 27, 2021 Spider Chalk

Instead of telling you how you to use Spider Chalk, it's easier to show you.  The proper way to use Spider Chalk liquid chalk is to shake the bottle and squirt a tiny amount of white gold onto your palm (See below photos). The result will be a very thin veneer of magnesium carbonate adhered to your hand by 2 bonding agents. Any more than this tiny amount is incorrect and adversely affects your grip. Spider Chalk's liquid chalk formula was designed with specific ingredients that bond the lab-grade magnesium carbonate to your hand and too much chalk doesn't allow the bonding agents to work properly (See...

The Spider Chalk Story

July 25, 2020 Spider Chalk

Hi, I'm James and I launched Spider Chalk in 2015. This year, 2020, marks our 5-year anniversary as the only chalk manufacturer in the USA. People often ask me how I started Spider Chalk. To celebrate 5 years, I decided to share our history as a business and offer some insight into why our family decided to pursue making better chalk as a lifestyle. Even though I am fiercely private and rarely share details from my life, I think the Spider Chalk story is captivating and I hope it encourages other entrepreneurs to take a leap of faith into manufacturing here in...