Chalk Innovation

Spider Chalk Sponsored Athletes 2019

March 19, 2019 Spider Chalk

Since 2015, Spider Chalk has helped hundreds of thousands of athletes in 21 countries increase their performance. Now we're looking for athletes who can help spread the message of better chalk.

Spider Chalk Private Label Manufacturing

April 06, 2018 Spider Chalk

Some of the most common emails we receive are requests for private labeling chalk products. While having your brand of chalk products sounds like a great idea, sometimes retailers misunderstand the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) requirements for private labeling.

To make private labeling requirements more transparent, first let me lay out some qualifications that will include your company or brand as a candidate:

You Are Chalking Wrong

December 26, 2017 Spider Chalk

The basic idea with chalk is that the quality dictates the amount.

Bad chalk doesn't stick well to the hand, combat moisture or create friction which means using more chalk, more often. Spider Chalk uses the purest chalk on the planet because the synergistic effects of stickiness, drying ability, and friction enhancement means minimal amounts are best. It's the way chalk was designed to be.

The Refillable Chalk Ball Story

November 01, 2017 Spider Chalk

My name is James and I'm the owner of Spider Chalk. I wanted to tell the story of how we launched our new Spider Chalk Ball and why it took almost 12 months.

Climbing Red River Gorge

July 12, 2017 Spider Chalk

The reality is, though, that tears of the skin on my hands often force me to rest, and that damp skin leads to more tears. I credit Spider Chalk, especially my favorite chalk on the market, their chunky powder chalk, with keeping my hands dry and in good working order for a week straight of climbing many pitches of sandstone in warm, humid conditions.