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Ghost Grip Invisible Chalk Crystals

Ghost Grip Invisible Chalk Crystals

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  • NEW PRODUCT: Invisible, mess-free, crystallized chalk with incredible drying power. 100+ applications per bottle!
  • ULTRA-CONCENTRATED: Use less than 1 gram of powder to achieve an unbelievably better grip for sports like rock climbing, weightlifting, baseball, basketball, volleyball and tennis.
  • DESIGNED IN THE USA: Originally created for military application, skin-friendly crystallized chalk creates a dry barrier that repels water, oils, and sweat.
  • SAFE FOR ALL SPORTS: Natural friction enhancement radically increases grip on hands, feet, shoes, gloves, racquets and paddles.
  • ZERO MESS: Can be used on hands, feet, gloves or added directly to bats and balls to enhance grip. Leaves no residue on expensive performance equipment.

Zero-Mess Invisible Crystallized Chalk

More than 100+ applications per bottle!

No mess, invisible crystalline chalk repels water, decreases sweat, and radically enhances grip for sports. Spider Chalk's new, revolutionary ultra-concentrated dry hands invisible powder results in significantly better grip for a longer time using only a tiny amount of powder.

Used by golfers, pole dancers, baseball players, weightlifters and athlete's all over the world looking for better grip without the mess. Leaves no residue behind on tennis racquets or other expensive performance equipment.

Can be used in environments that ban chalk. 100% pure crystals have better drying ability than regular chalk and zero mess!

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