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Block Chalk

Block Chalk

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Spider Chalk manufactures pure, lab-grade magnesium carbonate block chalk in 8oz (225 grams) and 5.3oz (150 grams) Mega Blocks.

Mega Blocks last 2x longer than conventional blocks
1 lb Spider Chalk = 2 lbs of regular blocks.

We are the only manufacturer of gym and weightlifting chalk in the USA. Our process ensures that your blocks last longer, do not crumble, create less dust and grip stronger.

2 lbs - $39.95 (free shipping)
4 lbs - $66.95 (free shipping)

2 lbs of Spider Chalk is equivalent to 4 lbs of Regular 2oz Blocks sold in packs of 8 per box.

Read reviews to confirm that Mega Blocks SAVE money by less wasted chalk.

Gyms, weightrooms and climbing facilities all across the USA (and in 21 countries) use Spider Chalk Mega Blocks and they are now the standard for any weightlifter, powerlifter, gymnast or rock climber. We do not use fillers, binders or drying agents. Our manufacturing process produces a denser, cleaner and more pure block.

8 oz Mega Block Dimensions:
Weight: ~225 Grams
Length: 4"

Width: 3.5"
Thickness: 2.5"
2x 8oz Blocks Per Box = 1lb Chalk

5.3 oz Mega Block Dimensions:
Weight: ~150 Grams
Length: 4"
Width: 3.5"
Thickness: 1.5"
3x 5.3oz Blocks Per Box = 1lb Chalk

1. Lasts Longer - Pure chalk lasts longer on your hand and has better grip with superior drying ability.
2. More Dense - Our manufacturing process makes the blocks less brittle so they don't break into pieces and make a mess.
3. More Chalk - Spider Chalk Mega Blocks are 225 grams or 150 grams per block, 3x the density of standard blocks.
4. Pure Chalk - Other blocks use binders that turn slimy when you sweat. We use only magnesium carbonate.
5. Made in the USA - All conventional 2 oz blocks are made in the same factory and private labeled. We are the only chalk company that manufactures blocks in the USA, and we're proud to make Mega Blocks at our facility in Atlanta, GA.
6. Sanctioned For Powerlifting - Approved for all IPF and USAPL Powerlifting competitions.


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