What's the difference between Black Widow and Regular Spider Chalk Liquid?

Both contain a specialized sticky, organic, non-toxic "bonding agent" we had custom made by a cosmetic company. The difference between the two is that we also add a large amount of resin to Black Widow which makes it stick to the bar especially when the hand gets wet or moist. Regular Spider Chalk does not contain the rosin while Black Widow does. Both contain the glue to help the chalk stick better. 

Where do you ship?

Spider Chalk only ships within the USA. For athletes outside the USA, you can purchase Spider Chalk on Rogue Fitness, Amazon, Ebay and dozens of other large retail sites.

If you are interested in distributing Spider Chalk in your country, you must use a freight-forwarder and contact wholesale@spiderchalk.com


How is Spider Chalk different than other chalks?

Spider Chalk uses pure magnesium carbonate which is very rare but has superior drying ability and sticks better to your hand.

We are the only manufacturer of block chalk outside China and Taiwan. Spider Chalk blocks are more dense, lasts 2x longer than regular blocks, and are made without a binder or drying agent. We use an advanced manufacturing process and a higher-grade of chalk. All other blocks are the same exact size and weight (56 grams) because they are identical. They're private labeled at the factory and the same low-quality regardless of the wrapper, don't be fooled by what's written on the package.

Our liquid chalk formula uses 8 ingredients including 2 bonding agents designed by top chemists. All other liquid chalks use the same 3 ingredients (alcohol, chalk, scent) which is something you can make at home. We created the Spider Chalk formula after being unhappy with other liquid chalk products. 

Athletes from all over the world have switched to Spider Chalk because our products enhance grip and fight moisture better than any other chalk.

Is liquid chalk better than powder or block chalk?

They are different products for different needs.

Block chalk is perfect for rubbing lots of chalk on your hand and our blocks last longer than powder because Mega Blocks don't crumble, make a mess or get in the air. We manufacture our blocks to be denser and won't break up into pieces from simply rubbing on the hand. Once again, all other chalk blocks are imported from Taiwan or China and are made from the same cheap chalk that instantly rubs off your hand. Do not be misled by the marketing on the package! They are all the same chalk!

Powder chalk is easier to get on your hands in the middle of a session and you can use small amounts with a resealable bag. You can re-apply powder every few minutes.

Liquid chalk must be applied before or at resting points in a workout. Spider Chalk liquid chalk stays on your hands due to our bonding agents. Also, most commercial gyms do not allow powder or block chalk but they do allow liquid chalk.

Our chalk sticks better which means you'll spend less time chalking up and remain focused on crushing workouts.

What is the clear liquid on top of my liquid chalk?

After a few days the ingredients settle. You must shake Spider Chalk every time you use it.

Isn't all chalk the same?

NO! Most of the chalk in the world is imported from overseas and has very low quality. We use lab-grade magnesium carbonate because we believe that pure chalk produces better results. Athletes who want to increase performance use Spider Chalk.

Where do you manufacture?

The Spider Chalk factory is located near Atlanta, GA where we manufacture all our products. We believe that quality control is essential to good products so we do not import or private label any Spider Chalk products.