• What's In Spider Chalk Liquid?

    Spider Chalk 2oz and 8oz contain 8 ingredients including 2 bonding agents developed by top chemists. All other liquid chalk brands contain the same ingredients (Alcohol, Chalk, Rosin, Thickener and Scent) which you can make at-home in your blender. Spider Chalk developed a new chemical formula in 2016 that resulted in better grip and dryer hands vs all competitors in athlete testing.

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  • What's In Black Widow Liquid Chalk?

    Black Widow contains the same ingredients as regular Spider Chalk liquid but with the addition of a grip-enhancing rosin. The new Black Widow formula also includes the new Grip-Lock Technology for even longer-lasting grip. Designed for high-rep workouts, Black Widow maintains grip during intense, sweaty workouts. Black Widow is our most popular liquid chalk formula with over 10,000 positive reviews.

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  • What's In White Widow Liquid Chalk?

    White Widow contains all the ingredients of Black Widow with the addition of a skin protection agent and a natural, aluminum-free antiperspirant. White Widow offers natural skin protection from cracks, rips and tears, while simultaneously blocking sweat. This is why we call White Widow "Extreme Liquid Chalk," and we suggest athletes try Black Widow or regular Spider Chalk liquid first.

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  • What Are Mega Blocks?

    Spider Chalk offers two sizes of Mega Blocks - our standard 5.3oz Mega Blocks sold in packs of 3 blocks per lb, and our 8oz Super Mega Blocks sold in packs of 2 blocks per lb. Both are more dense than regular 2oz blocks and made of Spider Chalk's lab-made magnesium carbonate. Mega Blocks won't crumble or break during regular use. We often sell out of Mega Blocks due to their popularity.

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  • What Is Ghost Grip?

    Ghost Grip is a no mess, invisible crystalline chalk that repels water, decreases sweat, and radically enhances grip for sports. Originally developed for military application, Ghost Grip is unlike anything ever created. Used by golfers, pole dancers, baseball players, weightlifters and athlete's all over the world looking for better grip without the mess. You have to try it to believe it!

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  • Where Do You Ship?

    We only ship to the USA and Canada due to the high cost of international shipping. For athletes outside the USA, you can purchase Spider Chalk on Rogue Fitness, Amazon, Ebay and dozens of other large retail sites.

    If you are interested in distributing Spider Chalk in your country, you must use a freight-forwarder and contact wholesale@spiderchalk.com

  • How Is Spider Chalk Different?

    Spider Chalk uses pure magnesium carbonate which is very rare but has superior drying ability and sticks better to your hand. We are the only manufacturer of block chalk outside China and Taiwan. Spider Chalk blocks are more dense, lasts longer than regular blocks, and are made without a binder or drying agent. All other blocks are identical (56 grams) because they are private labeled in China regardless of the wrapper.