Chalk Innovation

Why No Colored Sports Chalk?

May 09, 2016 Spider Chalk

Seems the new trend is colored and scented chalk. We get emails asking if we have any new flavors, colors, or scents planned and the answer is always the same. So I guess we should explain why Spider Chalk sticks (pun intended) to regular ol' white chalk. Dirty, Nasty, Sexy Performance The main reason we don't have colors, flavors, or scent variations of our products is because coloring chalk doesn't increase performance.-You don't buy chalk to match your outfit, do you? No.-Does red, yellow or green chalk help you get more reps in a workout? No.-Will mint scented chalk last longer...

Is Chalk Important?

April 26, 2016 Spider Chalk

Most athletes will spend $120 on a pair of shoes then go buy $1 chalk. That makes no sense at all! Anyone who has climbed an intense route, grabbed a heavy barbell, or had sweaty hands during competition knows that the seemingly trivial concept of grip matters ALOT. But what's really in your chalk?