Secrets of Chalk Science

Secrets of Chalk Science

As the only USA manufacturer of liquid chalk and block chalk for weightlifting, Spider Chalk products last 2x longer than conventional chalk. Our chalk is rare double-refined, lab-grade magnesium carbonate. In addition to making the best chalk products on the planet, we also thought about how it's used and what it should feel like.

Typically, chalk is mined from giant slabs of limestone and then separated into calcium carbonate (sidewalk chalk) and magnesium carbonate (gym chalk).

Magnesium Carbonate has excellent drying ability while calcium carbonate, once wet, feels slimy. Higher grades of magnesium carbonate means higher concentrations of magnesium carbonate and lower concentrations of undesirable elements. That's why we offer the highest-grade and most pure magnesium carbonate on the planet.

But even with the highest grade of purity, there are still other factors to consider when making the world's best chalk for athletes. The least well-known and maybe most important aspect of any high-grade, performance chalk is the particle size.


The Texture

Particle size determines the feel of the chalk and the texture. And the texture affects the performance of the chalk. All powder chalk (and therefore all block chalk) has a certain particle size. Larger particles feel similar to sand or salt on the hand with a rough texture. Those larger particles while greatly increasing friction do not fit into the tiny grooves of the hand and immediately rub off. Constant re-chalking just becomes a part of life.

Conversely, smaller particles feel like flour and have a smooth, slippery texture. And although it feels slippery on the finger, the smaller particle size also gets into the grooves of the hand absorbing moisture and making it extra dry.

Spider Chalk uses multiple particle sizes to get the superior effects of both small, medium and large particles. The texture of our liquid, powder and block chalk is dry and grippy. Our chalk fits into every tiny space of your fingers, palm and forearm coating the hands with super friction-enhancing grip aide. 


Manufacturing Means Control

Other chalk companies don't manufacture their products but simply add their label to the package. This means they don't have control over the particle size or purity. But because Spider Chalk athletes want the ultimate performance chalk, we took even something as seemingly insignificant as particle size into consideration from the beginning.
When you use Spider Chalk, know that every chalk batch is lab-tested for consistency, every block and bottle is produced and packaged in the USA and you are receiving the best chalk ever created!

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