Don't Be A Chalkmonster!

Instead of telling you how you to use Spider Chalk, it's easier to show you. 

The proper way to use Spider Chalk liquid chalk is to shake the bottle and squirt a tiny amount of white gold onto your palm (See below photos).

The result will be a very thin veneer of magnesium carbonate adhered to your hand by 2 bonding agents. Any more than this tiny amount is incorrect and adversely affects your grip. Spider Chalk's liquid chalk formula was designed with specific ingredients that bond the lab-grade magnesium carbonate to your hand and too much chalk doesn't allow the bonding agents to work properly (See below photos).

You might notice the viscosity of our liquid chalk is different than other products. We purposely avoided the mistake of making a chalk paste and calling it liquid chalk. 

The thickness (viscosity) of our formula limits the amount of chalk in a single application to avoid over-chalking. And you will never have Spider Chalk dry up in your bottle like other liquid chalks. 

Thicker liquid chalk products will dry out very quickly as the alcohol evaporates, some as quickly as a week according to reviews. And the thickness of other liquid chalks means too much chalk on the hand. Both issues avoided with our standard Spider Chalk Liquid and Black Widow which contains an imported rosin.

Our new Spider Chalk Refillable Chalk Balls are high-flow meaning they allow significant amounts of chalk to come through. The best way to use our hand-made chalk balls is to gently swipe or rub your hand against the fabric. The stickiness of Spider Chalk is unlike any other magnesium carbonate in the world due to the lab-grade purity and, again, a small amount of powder works best. 

Once you cover the fingertips with powder you can rub your hands together to spread the chalk and create a barrier against moisture and increase friction (See below photo).

Spider Chalk Mega Blocks are 3x denser than regular 56 grams blocks. When we designed our blocks the intention was to make them less crumbly, less brittle, larger and more compact. You might be used to grinding a crumbly 2oz block into your hand to get a thick coating.

Since all other block chalk is made of extremely low-grade, cheap chalk full of fillers you probably needed that much to even slightly improve your grip. But since Spider Chalk doesn't use any binders or fillers, you can use the same amount as you would with our Chalk Ball or Loose Powder.

The starch binder used in all 2oz blocks immediately becomes slippery when you sweat counteracting any benefits of the magnesium carbonate causing a need for more chalk. 

Our Mega Blocks will dry your hands continually for an extended period adding friction when you need it (See below photo).

The basic idea with chalk is that the quality dictates the amount.

Bad chalk doesn't stick well to the hand, combat moisture or create friction which means using more chalk, more often. 

Spider Chalk uses the purest chalk on the planet because the synergistic effects of stickiness, drying ability, and friction enhancement means minimal amounts are best. 

It's the way chalk was designed before overseas manufacturers starting cutting corners to make profit. That's why using Spider Chalk will be the first time you've ever used Real Chalk.

Spider Chalk is a sports chalk manufacturer based in Atlanta, GA. Every batch is lab-tested for purity. Spider Chalk is real chalk for real athletes.

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