Why Make Block Chalk?

Why Make Block Chalk?

In February of 2016, we started researching manufacturing block chalk at our facility in Atlanta, GA. The response was very negative. This is what we heard:

"Why would you make chalk when you can buy it from China?"

"You can't compete with the prices of the overseas chalk companies!"

"No one in the world makes chalk outside China and Taiwan, so what are you thinking?"

"It's a HUGE waste of time, just buy their chalk and private label it like everyone else!"

We we're blown away with the lack of enthusiasm. Does no one care about making better products? Does no one care about USA manufacturing? Does no one care about CHALK?

We spent 6 months building a machine and refining the manufacturing process in order to make blocks that are better...WAY BETTER than existing weightlifting gym chalk.

Testing of those blocks confirmed that athletes do care about chalk. In fact they care about chalk ALOT. The Granite Games used our blocks in competition and 2,000+ athletes and 1,500+ spectators told us that they could feel a huge difference between our Mega Blocks and the existing crumbly cheap chalk. Top athletes across the US tested our blocks and loved them. Gym owners contacted us about buying our chalk. 

Fast forward to September 2016 when we officially released our USA made Mega Blocks. Spider Chalk blocks are pure, lab-grade chalk in compressed block form that lasts longer, doesn't crumble into pieces, and costs the same as the imported blocks.

This time the response was different:

"I'm so happy to have chalk in my gym that stays together and doesn't make a mess!"

"The staff at the Granite Games can tell a huge difference between Spider Chalk and the other chalk. Mega Blocks last all day in the bucket and the athletes use less!"

"I always thought chalk was the same. Now I can never buy bad chalk again!"

Our hope in the beginning was that when we figured out how to make better block chalk that athletes and owners would care. It was a huge gamble and a long road to making Mega Blocks but we did it. Innovative chalk matters. Better chalk matters. And people do care about USA made products.

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