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Spider Chalk Refillable Chalk Ball

Spider Chalk Refillable Chalk Ball

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The world's most pure magnesium carbonate in a refillable chalk sock. Spider Chalk's Chalk Balls are the perfect size pouch to fit in your hand, climbing bag or gym bag.

Each chalk ball is filled with 3oz of ultra-pure Spider Chalk powder.


  • "2-Pack" includes 2 x 3oz re-fillable chalk balls in a resealable bag.
  • "2-Pack + Refill" includes 2 x 3oz re-fillable chalk balls AND 6oz of powder Spider Chalk, enough to refill both chalk balls.
1. Lasts Longer - Pure chalk lasts longer on your hand and has better grip with superior drying ability. That means Spider Chalk balls last 2x longer than any other chalk.
2. Refillable - With an elastic drawstring and heavy duty clip, our Chalk Balls will last through repeated refill sessions. This will be the last chalk ball you ever buy.
3. More Chalk - Spider Chalk Chalk Balls are 3oz each which means more chalk per pouch. 
4. Pure Chalk - Other chalk balls use cheap, generic chalk. Spider Chalk uses the most pure climbing chalk on the planet.
5. Made in the USA - All chalk balls are made in the same factory and private labeled. We are the only chalk company who manufactures refillable chalk balls here in the USA and we're proud to make them at our facility in Atlanta, GA.


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