Why No Colored Sports Chalk?

Why No Colored Sports Chalk?

Seems the new trend is colored and scented chalk. We get emails asking if we have any new flavors, colors, or scents planned and the answer is always the same. So I guess we should explain why Spider Chalk sticks (pun intended) to regular ol' white chalk.

Dirty, Nasty, Sexy Performance

The main reason we don't have colors, flavors, or scent variations of our products is because coloring chalk doesn't increase performance.

-You don't buy chalk to match your outfit, do you? No.

-Does red, yellow or green chalk help you get more reps in a workout? No.

-Will mint scented chalk last longer on your hand? No.

NO, so why do companies do it? Because it's a way to make low-quality chalk appear different and unique.

Instead, Spider Chalk focuses on the science of chalk which is pure, uncut, laboratory-tested magnesium carbonate.

Could we add color or scents to our chalk? Yes. But that just seems ridiculous when you could have a superior product that performs better rather than adding coloring or scents.

Athletes overwhelmingly agree Spider Chalk outperforms any other chalk brand regardless of how fancy the color!

While colored, scented, flavored chalk looks good on Instagram, Spider Chalk looks good on the podium!

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