What Is Grip-Lock Tech?

What Is Grip-Lock Tech?

Spider Chalk constantly innovates and 2022 was no exception. We developed a new type of grip enhancement we call Grip-Lock Tech and add it to our liquid chalk formulas. But what is Grip-Lock?

First let's cover what's in our Spider Chalk liquid chalk formula, then we'll talk more about the specifics of the new Grip-Lock Tech additive.

Original Spider Chalk

Spider Chalk 2oz and 8oz contain 8 ingredients including 2 bonding agents developed by top chemists. All other liquid chalk brands contain the same ingredients (Alcohol, Chalk, Rosin, Thickener and Scent) which you can make at-home in your blender. Spider Chalk developed a new chemical formula in 2016 that resulted in better grip and dryer hands vs all competitors in athlete testing. In 2022 we added Grip-Lock Tech for improved grip in extreme environments.

Black Widow Liquid Chalk

Black Widow contains the same ingredients as regular Spider Chalk liquid but with the addition of a grip-enhancing rosin. The new Black Widow formula also includes the new Grip-Lock Technology for even longer-lasting grip. Designed for high-rep workouts, Black Widow maintains grip during intense, sweaty workouts. Black Widow is our most popular liquid chalk formula with over 10,000 positive reviews.

White Widow Liquid Chalk

White Widow contains all the ingredients of Black Widow with the addition of a skin protection agent and a natural, aluminum-free antiperspirant. White Widow offers natural skin protection from cracks, rips and tears, while simultaneously blocking sweat. This is why we call White Widow "Extreme Liquid Chalk," and we suggest athletes try Black Widow or regular Spider Chalk liquid first.

What Does It Do?

Spider Chalk uses 2 bonding agents develop by chemists the chalk stick to your hand longer. The goal of these bonding agents is to decrease the amount of chalk rubbing off on the equipment. If you've ever made liquid chalk at home in the blender from the tutorials on Youtube, you know that the chalk rubs off almost immediately. This disadvantage makes at-home liquid chalk blends no better than cheap powder chalk and a huge waste of chalk (unless you are trying to make a mess). That's why we include the bonding agents in all formulas. 

Grip-Lock is an extra additive designed to react to the natural environment that makes the palm of the hand tacky. Grip-Lock contains a mixture of lab-made tackifiers and nano-resins that activate with sweat, heat and friction making it a better grip enhancer for strength and HIIT athletes even when the chalk starts to eventually wear down.

Imagine applying liquid chalk to your hand, performing a few sets of deadlifts or power cleans then looking down and seeing chalk remaining on your hands. That's the bonding agents at work.

Now imagine after almost an hour, looking at your slightly moist, sweaty hands and noticing the chalk is almost gone but the grip has become even more enhanced. That's Grip-Lock at work.

Grip-Lock extends the duration of your grip!

Spider Chalk original formula (2oz and 8oz), Black Widow and White Widow now contain Grip-Lock. Hope that helps!
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