Grip Wax Set

Grip Wax Set
$ 13.95

Looking for an alternative to chalk?

Made of a grippy wax, Spider Chalk's Grip Wax is easy to apply and easy to remove with the addition of our custom-formula Wax Remover.

Rub directly on your barbell, pullup rig or kettlebell for long-lasting grip!

Set Includes

  • 1 x 60 gram bar of Grip Wax
  • 1 x 2oz bottle of Wax Remover

1. No Mess - Grip Wax is for home gyms, garage gyms, CrossFit boxes and corporate gyms who are looking to go chalk-less and stop the mess!
2. Easy Application - Rub wax directly onto the barbell, pullup rig, kettlebell or dumbell and enhance grip.
3. Simple Removal - Scrape off with a credit card or knife, then use our included Wax Remover and scrub with a rag for a clean surface.
4. Long-Lasting - A single 60 gram bar of Grip Wax lasts months as our wax stays sticky through dozens of workouts.
  • Do not use on any precious or priceless equipment.
  • Even after cleaning, a small layer of wax may remain!

Wax Remover is biodegradable and non-flammable citrus extract solvents.

Grip Wax is a blend of waxes, lab-grade Spider Chalk, natural tackifier agents, and essential oils.

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