ASMR Chalk Blocks

ASMR Chalk Blocks
$ 32.00


Spider Chalk occasionally has a batch of chalk that is "Out Of Spec," making it un-sellable to athletes in the gym chalk industry. These blocks either have a slightly different texture than our regular chalk powder, or the blocks were not compressed at the correct rate making them slightly less dense than our regular gym chalk blocks.

Out Of Spec blocks are perfect for the ASMR community with a smooth, velvety texture and a good, strong crunch that is significantly less dense than our regular gym chalk blocks and therefore not as harsh on the hands. 

Our ASMR blocks also make great re-forms.

Each block is AT LEAST 150 grams and many are 170+ grams. We sell per pound, not per box because of the variation in size and weight of the blocks.

All ASMR chalk orders ship for free anywhere in the USA!

Pricing is based on volume with higher quantities being less per unit due to the shipping costs being equal to lower quantities.

Currently we have approx. 24 lbs remaining for purchase. Once this is gone, it may be weeks or even months before we have another batch of ASMR chalk available again.