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8 oz Mega Gym Chalk Block

8 oz Mega Gym Chalk Block

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Looking for an alternative to broken, messy chalk blocks?

Spider Chalk manufactures 8oz chalk blocks out of pure, lab-grade magnesium carbonate that won't crumble or break. Say goodbye to the brittle 2oz blocks and never again waste time cleaning up puddles of chalk dust.
    • Super-Mega Blocks last 2x longer than the same amount of regular, imported chalk. A single 8oz Super-Mega Block is equal to more than 1lb of regular chalk. These blocks are denser, cleaner, dryer, stick better to your hand and last longer. 
    • We've had hundreds of athletes switch to Spider Chalk because for the first time there's block chalk without binders, fillers, drying agents or other harmful additives.
    • Denser
    • Thicker
    • Less-Brittle
    • Double-Refined, Ultra-Pure
    • 2x The Absorbency, 2x The Dryness

    Ever wonder why all chalk blocks are the same size and shape regardless of the branding? That's because they are all the same! Spider Chalk is the only company that manufactures pure magnesium carbonate blocks with no fillers or binders and the only company that manufactures in the USA!

    Stop breathing in the dangerous fillers contained in cheap, imported chalk. We use a more sophisticated process to ensure a better block with pure ingredients and no slimy binder or dangerous fillers.

    No one should breathe harmful chemicals with their chalk, right?

    Spider Chalk is the official chalk of the largest sporting events in the world. Tested and proven in competition, join thousands of athletes who want better chalk!


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